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Monthly Board Game Night

Monthly Board Game Night is here!

We have a venue. The Margaret River Baptist Church are providing a space for us to trial Board Game Night. It is free to play for Members of TTGMR Inc. (Register here). Casual attendance is $10. The Facebook events show all the dates: https://www.facebook.com/events/595835515546996/595835535546994/


D&D is on for 2022

We have an exciting lineup for the start of 2022. The “grown-ups” campaign starting again a continuing D&D campaign for Margaret River Homeschooling students on Friday afternoons. a new campaign starting for after school students on Wednesday afternoon. Our Dungeon Masters who run the school age campaigns have their Working With Childrens Card and run …

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Table Top Games Margaret River Inc. is here

After a warm opening meeting the process to Incorporate has been largely painless! Phew! It was clear at the meeting that many different groups were interested in what we could offer. We have taken up the challenge to provide more safe, affordable space for people to come and play socially. Margaret River Community Centre is …

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