Table Top Games Margaret River Inc. is here

After a warm opening meeting the process to Incorporate has been largely painless! Phew!

It was clear at the meeting that many different groups were interested in what we could offer. We have taken up the challenge to provide more safe, affordable space for people to come and play socially. Margaret River Community Centre is our go-to venue – their ethos fits the bill really well, and are an awesome bunch of people as well.

I have been trying to configure and imagine this site as a useful, functional addition to the gaming community. We are still young, so please forgive us if you experience some teething issues. Please let me know about anything that doesn’t feel smooth or safe while you are using the site. 🙏

On this site we have Events, Merch, and Registrations.

  • Events will be viewed by members only. Only members can view them and comment to save a seat. However any public can see the time and date and may attend, but are not guaranteed a seat. Non-members pay $10 flat rate to play.
  • Merch is another opportunity to raise funds for rent. If you have any original designs you want to donate to a worthy cause, please let me know 🙂 These are designs are print-on-demand from within Australia, and may take 7 – 10 days to arrive.
  • Registrations gets you into the Events and you’ll receive email notifications whenever a new post or event is published. At this stage this is not optional! Sorry about that. The next step is setting up subscribe for the different types of games that our membership is interested in.
  • Our accounts are set up now, and we are ready to start taking members. Memberships are handled on this website: please please sign up here if you want in. Our rates are very reasonable – $20 annually this first year, $10 for a 3 month block.

Due to the nature of funding and fund raising, we are always going to ask for a nominal fee from players, However we hope to match dollar for dollar what members pay, and in this way I hope to announce new price points soon (fingers crossed!). Until we get a comfortable margin in the account this wont be happening.

How do we achieve a comfortable margin? members signing up, merch getting sold, fundraising at our Day events and success with our grants. Stay strong and we are confident in due course we’ll be hitting our stride.

What are our first priorities? Well in order of importance:

  • Creating an additional regular day for players to attend and play table top games together
  • Dropping the play price for members
  • Build local partnerships that will enhance our offering
  • Start planning the winter program!

We’d love to hear from you so if you have any questions please drop us a line here.

Ushan Boyd
Chair / Secretary
Table Top Games Margaret River Inc.

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