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What do we play

Dungeons and Dragons ~ D&D 5th Ed.

For the general public who land here, D&D is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game (RPG). We play around a table and roll dice. Players make up a hero who will take part in an adventure. The Dungeon Master uses theatre-of-the-mind and battle-maps to describe scenarios to the players, who decide what their hero will do. They describe that, then make dice rolls to determine the success of that course of action. The DM narrates the results. We all take turns and the shared story plays out over the night. Over several meetings it becomes a campaign.

When do we play:

TTGMR Is not currently running any D&D groups.

Please contact Ushan if you really want to find a group. I might be able to help.

How much to play

Please note: TTGMR Inc are not currently taking any payments for D&D.

Why do we play

We play to have fun 🙂 Table-top gaming and role-playing are fun, entertaining activities.

How do we play:

We encourage RPG Role Playing to be for the party. Test your mettle against the DM, with your fellow party members. We encourage roleplaying with a fun and sensible attitude. It’s good for party morale.

I use the example of Legolas and Gimli (Lord of the Rings). Elves and Dwarves hate and distrust each other. But they forge a friendship regardless. If you are unfamiliar with their story, you can view a synopsis here.

RPG choices that may distress other DnD Margies members from any age group or walk of life are not welcome. “Playing in character” does not allow in-game sexism, racism or prejudices. This means that we cultivate awareness and discernment in and out of the game.

Table safety – The X-Card

We run a PG game for the kids. Nonetheless, due to the free-form, improvisational nature of roleplaying, occasionally content may arise that makes a person feel uncomfortable. To handle these situations in real-time, rather than after the fact, we have chosen and will be trialling the X-Card method. If any content appears in-game that makes a player feel uncomfortyable, they simply touch the X-Card that is on the table, or hold it up. The DM will edit out the content, and continue the game, or the game can be paused. This option to “tap-out” of content doesn’t stop the game or prevent discussion or play. It simply allows players to give real time feedback if a game topic becomes “too much”.

Use of this card is up to the discretion of the DM.

More about the X-Card for DMs.